19 May 2014

J. Crew Factory Favorites

There's always something so exciting about starting something new. 
Whether it's the first day of school/ classes, a new sport, or a new job, it's always exciting and fun. Even though I know that there will be days that I dread going, for the time being it's an exciting new experience. Yesterday was my first day working for J. Crew Factory at the outlet mall, and it was just as expected! 

I've worked retail before, so I know the basics of customer service. I had to learn the specifics of the brand and, importantly, the folding and organization procedures. I'm just so excited to get away from food (not to worry, I'm still working at CFA too!) and work for a company that fits who I am!  One of the most exciting aspects of working here is that I get to choose my outfits. It sounds silly, but Hollister had specific looks that we could choose from, and CFA obviously has uniforms. I've never worked somewhere that allows me to show up having styled myself, and that's exciting... and daunting! 

Of course this got me thinking about the outfits that I could wear, and how my time here will help me develop my personal style. Knowing that I'll be wearing more J. Crew- and that I have a pretty great discount- certainly didn't help my love of shopping! After spending hours looking at the recent new arrivals, I've thrown together a couple pieces that will be in my closet soon enough that are both work and play appropriate! 

all available at J. Crew Factory

A few of these items are already in my closet- the chambray, the sweater, and a similar skirt. I love this dress, and I don't currently have anything with that type of neckline.... I've been looking for some white jeans, and I think these have ended my search! When it comes to accessories, the new jewels are stunning. I don't currently have any of these pieces, but I will! I don't have any of the earrings here, but between J. Crew and the recent Kendra Scott popularity, I'm sure I'll be experimenting with statement earrings this summer. The shoes and hat will be in my closet soon. I've been loving wedges and have had my eye on these for months now. The hat is something that's been on my mind... I love hats and I love the way these hats look on other people. I'm not sure I can pull it off, but my discount and upcoming sales make it almost sill not to have just in case I feel like being a little risky! 

I'm really excited about this new job (as of now) and I know I'll be posting lots of #ootd posts now that I have a reason to look cute on a regular basis! I'll be posting to
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twitter: @PurduePrep

Follow along and let me know what looks you love & which ones... not so much :)