20 May 2014

Life After Freshman Year

I am one week into summer break... and things are already so different.

Part of it has to do with the fact that I changed and grew so much this past year. I used to be so more uptight about life in general, which really compromised the amount of fun I could have on a given night. I used to be more judgmental and more "rigid" in my thinking. College has definitely opened my mind and heart to the world in a way that has allowed me to reconnect with friends as well as make new ones & that's exactly what I mean by "Life" after freshman year.

Firstly, summer is so weird. It's a balancing act between keeping high school relationships a priority while making sure the college relationships are made too. So far, I've had lunch with friends from high school, seen friends from college, and been in a mixed group which was so fun because we got to see the kinds of friends each other made in college (it's weird!). 

As for my lack of uptight-ness, let's just say that I used to be pretty strict with myself. I rarely stayed up past midnight ad would freak out about how much sleep I was getting. I kept myself on a schedule and didn't waver from that. Oh, how things have changed! While I still like to be on time, I don't worry so much about a few minutes here or there (that's life!) and I definitely don't have a strict sleeping schedule anymore. Thanks to college, I know that I can function on 4 hours of sleep- and a lot of caffeine- for days in a row. I no longer compromise fun for sleep... because I can sleep when I'm dead

If this week or two is any indication, this summer is going to be a wild one. Between two jobs, volunteering, and having a social life it's almost like I'm back at school....... without the homework :) Every minute of these three and a half months is going to be full, so get ready for a crazy Sarah!