11 March 2014

Spring Breakin'

This spring break is a bit weird for me... a bit grown up.

For the first time in a very long time, I'm not going to the beach to relax for a week. I'm going to California to visit my cousin. Yes, he's a pharmacist and yes I will be shadowing him for some of my time there. That makes this a pretty grown up break to me since I have to dress business casual for much of my stay and won't be sleeping in every day. 

There will be more details on what I will be doing in the next couple days, but for now I'm going to pretend that I'm preparing for a week in the surf and sand since that's more common. If that were the case, I definitely know exactly what some of my shopping would have been, as well as what I would have packed. 

Luckily, I did a lot of pre-spring break shopping last year. I've also been building up my vacation wardrobe- don't ask why... I live in Indiana. But I'd definitely pack my Lilly Callahan shorts, a few of my shifts, and my Jacks for evenings. During the day, I'd plan on living in my bathing suit, sunnies, and a towel. A ball cap to keep the sun off my face and some reading material would definitely be in my beach bag (... oh and sunscreen!!)

Like I said, there's not a lot that I'd have left to buy. Each year my sister and I get a couple new swim suits... and this Lilly one caught my eye so that'd be top on my list. A cute tunic to wear over my suit- or with shorts- has been on my mind, too! I'm loving this Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt. It's so much fun and it'd be great to wear on chilly beach nights. A girl can never have too many pairs of chinos, and that's where J. Crew comes in :) The fedora is a J. Crew Factory find, too! Some beach accessories are always nice. A tumbler or koozie to hold my drinks are definitely a must when it comes to staying hydrated at the beach! 

Ah, making this makes me want to be laying out right now! 
But, that'll have to wait until the summer. I hope everyone who is going south has great weather and stays safe and healthy! Soak up the sunshine and the smell of the ocean!