13 March 2014

His & Hers Scents

One of my favorite things about lending a (good smelling) friend my clothes is their lingering scent when they give it back. It may sound weird, but we all love it. From when I was young and my blanket would still smell like Grandma's house when I came home to now when I take a guy's sweatshirt and it still smells like him... it's something that I absolutely love! It makes me want to not wash my clothes and just curl up with whatever it is that smells so heavenly. So, I got to thinking about what if I could have that all the time?

My first thought was Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue because it's a scent that I've tested multiple times at Sephora and love it every time! It's a little bit muskier than I'm used to, but that's the thing about cologne- it's not girly at all! Giorgio Armani has a similar set, called Aqua di Gioia, which I haven't tried but definitely plan to. And, the Burberry line has many his & hers sets that have the more masculine scents available for women.

Of course, becoming accustomed to those more masculine hints in the perfumes may take away the fun when it comes to stealing a sweatshirt (okay, probably not). It does defeat the purpose a little bit- I choose girly scents because I'm a girl. So I don't think I'd ever be able to transition over to one of these "muskier" scents for good- I love my Marc Jacobs and Chanel too much!

But for those days when I want to feel a little comfier in my own sweatshirt, some samples of these options may be fun to have on hand!