27 March 2014

Getting Inspired

I feel like I've really become obsessed with the idea of being inspired lately.

I have no idea why that is, but it's definitely helped me to enjoy school and get more done. I think using platforms like Tumblr and Instagram to see how other girls around my age find beauty in everyday items- flowers, glasses, and coffee- has inspired me to find my inner artist.

and, trust me, I am not very artistic. So I'd say it's been a good development in my life.

I've been loving pretty, spring pictures. The bright colors just make me happy... the beach pictures though, they've been making me pretty jealous. But, beyond that little annoyance (that I secretly love because I live vicariously through everyone I follow) it's been fun to take the images I've seen and see where beauty lies in and around my life.

From getting dressed in the morning to walking to class, I find myself constantly posing things. I lay them out, fold things to fit perfectly into the instagram frame. It's really getting crazy.. but it's oh so much fun. And it's not only my own pictures. Of course, I'm loving so many on the internet too.

I obviously really love food...

...and books

*not mine* but note to self when I do look nice for
class- document it!  
also *not mine* but... if only I had an interior
this beautiful to photograph

I've never been one to take pictures... or ask to get my picture taken. I've been one to do things for necessity rather than for prettiness. But, that, my friends, is changing. And like all the other changes in my personality lately, I am fully embracing it. 

Watch out, because "inspired Sarah" may be taking over.