20 November 2014

Put this on Your To-Do List!

I'm not kidding. I've been working on so many applications the past month and I am constantly reminded of the fact that what I put out on the internet "can and will come against me". So I decided to check into it myself. What will future employers/ anyone who might get my resume see if they Google me? It's easy enough to check it out! 

What I got was hardly what I'd say is going to "break" me. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at my top 3 results. A fundraising page for the awesome student organization and fundraiser, PUDM, my Facebook, and my LinkedIn. A few results down were popular blog posts and my Twitter. 

While the results probably are more important once the links are clicked on (what is physically on my Facebook and Twitter), the immediate results aren't too bad! I like that it shows off a little of who I am- philanthropy, my blog, and links to my personal Facebook and my professional LinkedIn. So, when everyone else is telling you to keep an eye on what you put on the internet... of course don't put anything that may be a red flag for employers, but also take advantage of the ways that you can represent yourself online!

The big threat can actually be your biggest asset!