18 June 2014

Hello.. Again & What's on My Radar

Hello, long time no talk! I've been so busy these past couple of weeks and have been adjusting to working two jobs (aka, basically a full time job) while trying to keep up a social life. Blogging has been on the back-burner, but it's definitely still there.

So, here's a quick re-cap of my life:

I finished my cooler in time for the concert! It started to peel... already!! So I'm going to be adding about a million layers of modge podge before vacation. Regardless, it was a hit. All the people I went to the concert with loved it and it got some attention from passersby, too.

The actual concert was amazing! I've been working.. a lot.. and so a night off with friends was much needed. The group I went with was perfect, but I was re-united with so many high school acquaintances that night as well as Purdue friends! I saw a couple of girls I hadn't seen since rush!!

As expected, Tim was great and it got me in such a summer mood! I'm actually going to concert #3 of the summer this weekend- Bruno Mars in Chicago! It'll be a fun weekend trip with a trip to the Vineyard Vines store, I'm positive.

Beyond that, I've been spending most of my days by the pool or working. My time in the car has given me ample opportunity to listen to new music, so there's definitely some new music on my radar. Last weekend the Backstreet Boys were in town- I didn't get to go, but it got me into a boy-band mood. iTunes Radio has conveniently created a Boy Bands radio that is perfection. 98 Degrees, BBMac, Backstreet Boys and N*Sync combine with One Direction, MKTO, and the Wanted. It's the best of the new and old! I've mainly been using it as my workout playlist, but it's fun for just hanging out too.

I love my country music, too. And Jana Kramer has come out with yet another girly song that is just so catchy that I can't help but love it! I've linked the video so you can watch it. Another new and catchy song? Maps by Maroon 5- the first single from their newest album!

What else is on my radar? Well, if you've been reading for any amount of time you know that I've been wanting a personalized stationery set for a while now. Carly from the College Prepster posted this picture to her instagram so I instantly looked up where it was from: A Thing Created. It's so cute and fun! Probably not something that I'll invest in anytime soon, but it's seriously to die for! It would stress me out to pick which photograph I'd want her to make a watercolor of... because it'd be representing me for a while (lol). But this is so to die for.

Lastly, I'm loving Tumblr right now. It's something that I can use to stay in contact with other likeminded people even with a busy schedule. I tend to check it during breaks and when I wake up... and I'm trying to post more of my own pictures :) You can follow me there, just search PurduePrep!

I'll talk to you soon, have a great day!