06 June 2014

Top 100 songs of the '00s... and a Running Bit

I happened to catch VH1's Top 100 songs of the 00's last night and it was great! The first full decade that I really have good memories of was summed up in a good hour; a true walk down memory lane. I'd forgotten about great songs like Since You Been Gone, Lose Yourself, and Hey Ya.

So much good music in one decade, and I couldn't help but think "wow, these would make a fantastic running playlist!" I started to write down the songs that really hit me (which was hard considering I loved every song on the list). The best part was that my family was able to watch it together. We could all relate to the songs differently which got me thinking.... I'm sure anyone who reads this might enjoy the list that I wrote down. 

Empire State of Mind
We Belong Together
Since You've Been Gone
This Love
Bye, Bye, Bye!
Drops of Jupiter
I Don't Wanna Be
Live Your Life
Stacy's Mom
Before He Cheats
I Gotta Feeling
Hollaback Girl
Party in the USA
Drops of Jupiter
Gold Digger

So whether you need a good run or a good dance sesh, throw these on for a serious Flashback Friday!