03 June 2014

Top 5: May 2014

How is it June already?! 

Summer is what I have been dreaming of since the awful winter we had, and it's finally here! Okay not officially but sunny and 75 this past weekend was a pretty good start :) As always, here are my Top 5 things from this past month...

5. Tea Tree Oil
Thanks to this stuff, I have clear skin again! I've talked, blogged, and tweeted about it so it's kindof a big deal. I'll leave it at that.

4. Pillows
I'm completely unpacked from school, and one of my favorite things is that I was able to add my school pillows to my bed at home. I now have no less than 6 pillows on my bed and it's fantastic. I surround myself with them and sleep on what seems like a cloud. As if coming back to my queen sized bed wasn't great enough, I've added pillows!

3. Getting back to Work
This past weekend, I got my first paycheck of the summer. Working two jobs is going to be tiring, but my schedule has still allowed me to relax and have somewhat of a social life so far. It feels so great to be putting money into my account instead of always taking it out... I've got a savings plan that I hope to everything that I'll be able to stick to as well as a few trips that I can't wait to go shopping for :)

2. Crafting
So I had been planning for a few crafts that I wanted to try out this summer, and I've actually started on them rather than procrastinate! I have a couple canvases as well as a... cooler (!!!!!) that I'm working on. As soon as I finish those up, I'll be posting a little step-by-step of what I did. This is my first time taking on anything like this, so I'll surely have a list of successes and failures.

1. Reading! 
I love to read- that's nothing new. Now that I don't have to read much for school this summer I am taking full advantage of my to-read list! I'm on book #3 of the summer and it's great. I'm currently reading a Kennedy family biography, and I have no idea what I'll do next. I have Z and The Beautiful and Damned as well as Ronald Reagan's autobiography that I'd like to get to. I'm also very curious about the Goldfinch, which I don't own right now but probably will in the near future.

So, there's what I've been loving this past month! I've definitely been on a spending lockdown until I start making money, so it's less products and more of just what I've been doing. But these are all certainly hilights of the past month... hopefully June will have more "fun" things to share :)