21 July 2014

Hiatus, Over

Let me preface this by saying that summer makes me L A Z Y. 

Not in the physical sense of the word, because it's the time that I'm most active. But without due dates or timelines, I tend to fully embrace my procrastinator's tendencies. "Why do today what can be put off tomorrow?" becomes my motto as I run from activity to activity... or let the next episode of Netflix play.

Since nothing and nobody was keeping me accountable for this blog, I just... stopped. My tumblr was kept very active, as I love looking there for inspiration. But writing and thinking up posts just started to seem more like a chore than an enjoyable activity, and taking/ editing pictures for tumblr was an easy, quick way to feel like I was doing something :)

This past week, I spent time with my family on the beautiful beaches of North Carolina and the topic of my blog came up. There's the accountability I was looking for! I guiltily said that I'd just... stopped. For no real reason and I wasn't sure if I wanted to pick it back up. Life is starting to get really overwhelming and will only continue to do so this coming semester- rush, classes, and applying to Pharmacy school. One of my cousins also keeps a blog (for work) and reminded my that regular writing not only cleanses the soul and offers an outlet for imagination, but it keeps my skills up to date. Especially in a science-heavy field, writing isn't the focus but is still a necessity.

I still have no clue what direction this is going to go in. Yes, I still love fashion and beauty and all that but I know there is more to life and more that I can bring to the "blogosphere". I feel like I'm having mental breakdowns/ crises more than not and I'm constantly trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing with my life. Luckily, my wise, wise cousin also told me that he always reminds the students taht he mentors this (and I'm paraphrasing here):

"Do not worry so much about the big picture. God has a plan for you and each small interest and step you take will lead to you to where He wants you to be. In deciding what your next step is, pray about it and then be honest with yourself- what are you feeling drawn to do next? And run with that. It's too much to think about what you want to do forever... in fact there may not be that one thing you're destined to do. Just focus on what you want to do next and you'll be amazed at where it might take you."

I don't know what my "Next" is, but I'll keep you updated :)