20 September 2014

Weekend Pretties

Exam 1: in the books. First "free" weekend of the school year, currently.

And the impending exams have yet to phase me. Life is pure bliss right now. The weather is great, the people I've been spending time with are great, and classes are... not great but interesting, kind of. ;) 

Anyways Anyways It's the summer-fall transition which is a fashionista's sweetest dream. Seriously, light scarves, sweaters and shorts. It's the one time where almost all of my closet can be utilized. Which would be great if I didn't leave most of my fall clothing at home............ *crickets* So, what I have are a few of my favorite little pretties to make this weekend (and every day) feel a little more glamorous.

1. Tory Burch Revas
I suffered from a recent crisis of sorts, and so I decided that retail therapy was the best therapy. Thus, I bring you my first pair of Revas. They're beautiful- seriously, I just look at them and think of how perfect they are for every outfit I could imagine. I'm in the breaking-in phase right now, so I haven't been able to fully enjoy them. But I'm thinking these will be making a regular appearance from not on.

2. Chanel Chance
Chance has been a longtime favorite of mine. It makes me feel so sophisticated and grown up, which is sometimes just what I need on the days I feel unmotivated. I like to think that it's my "signature" scent, and I love it the most during the fall.

3. Kendra Scott
Anything KS is a win for me, but these feathery earrings were a Labor Day sale purchase. They were such a good deal I just had to buy them. They're not my typical style, but I've been styling them a lot more than I expected I would. For plain sweaters that need a little spicing up, these do the trick!

4. YSL Volupte Lip Stick
*New Favorite Alert* Okay, so I will be the first to admit that I took an interest to these because of the tube design. It's so fancy and luxurious that I felt the need to check out the actual product. I was happy to hear the raving reviews on all the different types (lipstick, gloss, and shine) available. The lover of lip products in me was overjoyed at the idea of build-able color with moisturizing formula; the college student in me silently cried at the price.

I reasoned with myself that a nice, raspberry/rose color would be really pretty for fall... and I don't already have colors like that. So I went for it and, trust me, I am so in love!! My lips are so soft and the color is subtle enough for daytime but can be built up for night wear. I am so, so in love.

Happy weekend, Stay Pretty! 

p.s. that shag carpet is horrible... it will not appear again.