25 September 2014

Fall: Live in This

Is there anything better than fall fashion? No. The answer is no. 
The best part is that so many pieces can be styled differently to garner so many different looks. A tan v-neck sweater? Um you can wear that a million and two ways. If I wanted to do laundry twice a week, I could narrow my closet down to about 10 major pieces for the fall. With accessories and shoes, they'd be able to make it through at least a month without repeating the exact same outfit... and honestly probably more. 

Thus, I bring you the "live in these" pieces for the fall.
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There are a few hints as to why I picked these pieces:
1) They're all lab-appropriate (minus the skirts). Silly, I know. But you'd be surprised how hard it is to look nice on days that I have 3 hour labs that require I dress like a nun... and I have labs three days a week. 
2) They all have some bit of "texture" to them. I hate just plain outfits. Whether it's the wrap style sweater or the patterns, these outfits are all just fine without any embellishments. That means that, if I'm running late and don't have time to think through jewelry and scarves and belts and what lipstick to wear- all thoughts that go through my head in the morning- I'm fine. Even if I put no thought whatsoever into the outfit, it looks complete and thought-out. 
3) They're all (for the most part) interchangeable. Isn't that the most important part? Getting the most for your money is important, and I think that these pieces can all be styled through fall and winter in so many ways!

The most important? They're all already in your closet!
Okay, so maybe not the exact items, but it's all stylistic interpretation. You don't have a DVF ballet wrap sweater (I don't either!)? Okay, belt a sweater, or wear a v neck sweater with a skirt to give the same effect. Layers are in, so play them up. Most importantly- keep your eyes out for inspiration! 
And, of course, make getting dressed fun!