25 August 2014

Sophomore Year... What?!

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...School is coming! 

I've been waiting since May 10th to get back to crazy West Lafayette but now that I'm here I feel so underprepared. Having 3+ months of summer really makes procrastination easy, and all the sudden it was time to move back in and get everything ready. But man is it good to be back!

Campus decided that the first week of fall semester was the right time to feel like summer- so we've got 90's and humidity to look forward to (read: nike shorts and messy buns every day). I'm staying in a dorm again but this time it's a suite that shared a bathroom with only one other room... instead of a whole floor! The location is about 50% closer to campus and there are tunnels underneath to help winter be not as brutal.

With that being said, the dorm is old and has this huge furniture, including big closets! It's nice to have the extra space, but it also makes having living space is a challenge with so much furniture taking up the room. Needless to say, my room is a work in progress. Am I going to loft my bed? Am I going to just live without a tv? I don't know right now but I'm just happy to be finally settled... for now.

I don't have much decor up at this point since I don't know the final positions of everything. Living in a small space is always unpredictable and what seems might work on move-in day is inevitably going to be changed, so I'm expecting rearrangements in the near future. But, once I'm settled into a routine and my classes I'll certainly post more detailed pictures of my little living space for this year! 

For anyone else starting classes this week, bonne chance!